This September, we celebrate the creative wonder that is Superior Drummer 3 with a new milestone SDX release and some sweet deals!*


Meet your new
rhythm section.

Songwriter? Let us introduce you to two creative powerhouses: EZdrummer 3 and EZbass. Start your free 10-day trials today!

EZdrummer 3 and EZbass are great on their own – but work wonders together! Learn how and why in this video.

1. Download and install the free Toontrack Product Manager
2. Launch the Product Manager and register your free Toontrack user account to log in
3. Download the free trials and install directly from the Product Manager
4. Activate the 10-day trial when you launch each product for the first time

Go to your computer to download.


The songwriter’s drummer.

  • Mix-ready sounds for a wide range of styles
  • Tools and features for quick and easy songwriting
  • Bandmate: Get groove suggestions based on your music
  • Onboard grid editor, step sequencer and more
  • Seven (7) kits as well as additional snares, kicks and cymbals
  • Approx. 15 GB of drums, cymbals and percussion
  • Comprehensive MIDI library of grooves and fills

…and much more!

Head over to the EZdrummer 3 page for videos, audio demos and more info.



Adding bass to your songs has never been easier.

  • Two carefully sampled bass guitars – one vintage and one modern
  • Audio Tracker: Onboard audio to MIDI conversion
  • Comes with bass MIDI basslines for a broad range of styles
  • Drums & Keys: Use drum or keyboard MIDI to create matching basslines
  • Built-in ‘Grid Editor’
  • Mix-ready presets for a wide range of styles and sounds

…and much more!

Head over to the EZbass page for videos, audio demos and more info.


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