Release notes for Superior Drummer 3.1.1

Superior Drummer 3.1.1 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the ‘My Products’ area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 3.1.1 is required for the support of Superior Drummer 3 products released from this point forward (Q1 2018).



  • Optimizations for graphics rendering.
  • Certain GM defined CC numbers are now in a separate submenu when you right-click a control to bind it to a CC.
  • Automatic MIDI assignment has been updated with data from new sound libraries so that it works better.

Grooves Tab

  • The first browser column is now a bit wider since some library names got truncated.

Grid Editor

  • Zones where it is forbidden to add future hit notes are now shown when the Add Tool is active and the mouse is over future hit rows.
  • Ctrl/cmd-deselecting notes with lasso now updates the graphics while dragging.
  • Changed header in Select menu from “Selection” to “Select on Active Rows”.
  • Added “MIDI Editing – Preview Sounds” option to the grid editor, so you can turn off preview sounds while editing.
  • Zooming while having Auto in Resolution menu will apply any changes done by Quantize/Swing/Randomize or Nudge controls.

Metronome Settings

  • Metronome output list shows the output channel names instead of numbers.

Macro Controls

  • Added undo for enable/disable macro control row.


  • Added undo for rename and hide/show mixer channels.
  • Right click on hidden channel now has “Show Channel” option.


  • New location for the “Drag MIDI to song track” sign in the Tracker export view.
Bug Fixes


  • Clicking “Authorize Offline” when authorizing SD3 caused a crash.
  • It could crash at startup if the default project used a library which was located on a disconnected harddrive.
  • Keyboard shortcuts other than space and escape are now blocked when a modal dialog is open.
  • Fixed some graphical issues for sub-100% scales.
  • Detaching the grid editor from the View menu no longer opens Edit Play Style.
  • Selecting “Reattach All” when Edit Play Style is open no longer brings up the stack view and box view.
  • Pressing escape key now tries to close the dialog in focus first. Only closes one dialog at a time as well.
  • Selecting “Load Default Project” no longer keeps the old project name.
  • The macro control area is now brought back when Tap2Find is closed, if it was previously visible.
  • Improved MIDI mapping from Superior Drummer 2 presets.
  • Removing all SD3 instances in a DAW and then adding a new instance could make SD3 use the wrong fonts.
  • Fixed missing/wrong tooltip on the time signature buttons.

Drums Tab

  • Pitch FX undo was not always saved.
  • No sounds were loaded when undoing disable bleed or lowering the layer limits.
  • The envelope release indicator is no longer drawn if release is off.
  • Removing a stack could cause a crash in some situations.
  • Clicking on stack hits or having a stack selected and playing the whole drum did not show visual hit in the velocity editor.
  • Substituted drum hits did not show visual hits in the stack view.
  • Made the articulations list a bit wider to fit the future hit percussion names.
  • Clicking multiple times on an articulation name in the mapping box could stop preview for that articulation.

Search for Instrument

  • Previewing instruments with no MIDI mapping caused a crash.

Grooves Tab

  • Added ‘S2 User Presets’ submenu (when needed) in the e-drum presets menu in the browser, so that such presets no longer appear in the Legacy submenu.


  • Hi-hat open/closed buttons had wrong positions if the Song Creator was open.

Edit Play Style

  • Copying from and to a future hit instrument did not work well.

Grid Editor

  • A crash could occur if instruments had been added and removed.
  • Unmapped notes were not shown as separate rows anymore.
  • Improved the algorithm for determining if a row should be visible or not if hiding “unused” articulations/instruments.
  • Turning on/off articulations now updates grid editor in case rows should be added/removed.
  • Aftertouch events inserted at the very end of a MIDI block got removed.
  • The default velocity for new future hit notes was wrong.
  • Wrong articulation could be played when clicking on future hit percussion rows.
  • Visual hits for future hit percussion in grid editor were off.
  • The grid editor would not get any visual hits if in external window and Edit Play Style was closed.
  • Clicking an instrument row that had no MIDI mapping caused a crash.
  • Unmapped instruments were not properly greyed out.
  • Selection is now restored when undoing drawing velocities in the grid editor.

Song Track

  • Crash fix for showing triplets in 1/32 time signature.
  • The aftertouch state is now reset when the song track is stopped.
  • Aftertouch and CC states are now set correctly when song track playback is resumed.
  • Snapping on song track and timebar did not work very well on other scales than 100%.
  • Inserting a time signature change could move the signature changes placed after the insert.
  • The browser path written in MIDI files was missing the first folder.
  • If multiple kitpice transforms existed and the MIDI in a block had to be reanalyzed (when editing MIDI in the grid editor, for example), all transforms were not cleared, which lead to strange results when undo/redoing.


  • When exporting MIDI, the length of the exported file did not match the length of the audio track.
  • Keyboard shortcut fixes in tempo map and time signature editors.
  • Grid and timebars didn’t always update correctly after undo.
  • Nudge in Milliseconds mode moved by centiseconds instead.
  • Removing a loaded track and then clicking on the empty last track could cause a crash.
  • “Select All Events” did not select manually added transients.


  • Fixed issue where SD3 could freeze when adding/removing sends.
  • Removing all effects with the mixer menu or channel preset menu did not save undo for all the macros that belonged to the effects.
  • Channel height is now updated when undoing adding/removing sends.
  • Undoing adding a send now hides the shown bus channel if it was hidden before.
  • Bleed can now be turned off in send window without the bad routing popup showing up.
  • Hiding channels with animation now saves an undo event.
  • Send pre/post look is now updated when undoing.

E-Drum Settings

  • Hi-hat openness was drawn as active although it was not when it was dragged to the top or the bottom.
  • Preset name typo fix: Simmonds -> Simmons.

Metronome Settings

  • The last mixer output was not possible to choose for metronome output.


  • The window no longer stays in maximized mode after selecting a new size from the View menu.
  • Standalone maximized mode is saved between sessions.
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