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Release notes for EZbass 1.0.8

EZbass 1.0.8 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the “My Products” area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 1.0.8 is required for the support of EZbass products released from this point forward (Q1 2021).



  • EZbass can now be used in a fully functional trial mode for 10 days.
  • The octave control can now be used to access notes that are outside of the regular playable range, if available in the current library.
  • A warning dialog will be shown if you load a project saved by a later (future) version of EZbass. Until the dialog has been dismissed, EZbass will be silent and saving in a DAW will keep the loaded EZbass data intact in the DAW project.

Grid Editor

  • “Add Slide In” is now available in the slide menu when the first note of a slide is selected, and “Add Slide Out” is available when the last note of a slide is selected.


  • Reading or writing MIDI files with a minor key signature resulted in an incorrect key signature.
  • Loading an older project with invalid CC selected for editing in the Grid Editor would cause a crash.
  • Interpreting pitch information in MIDI files would potentially cause a crash.
  • Reading a saved project containing certain kinds of illegal MIDI events could cause a crash.
  • Duplicate aftertouch events were not filtered when MIDI files were imported.
  • If a project using an unavailable sound library is loaded, the project state will now be preserved (until the user chooses to replace the library).
  • If all available sound libraries require a newer version of EZbass, the wrong dialog was shown – it would say that no sound libraries were found.
  • Certain permanent and blocking error dialogs would incorrectly no longer be shown if the EZbass window was closed and reopened (in a DAW).
  • The tooltips for the next/previous preset buttons were reversed.

Sound Engine

  • A slide out would sometimes leave a weak ringing sound.
  • The timing of the first and/or last note(s) in a slide would sometimes be wrong.
  • CC 120 (“all sounds off”) was not triggered at the correct time.
  • MIDI events on other channels than MIDI channel 1 were sometimes erroneously ignored.
  • Stopping the transport in some DAWs would sometimes leave notes ringing.
  • The slide up and slide down keys would sometimes leave a ringing note.
  • The slide up and slide down keys were sometimes not cancelled properly.
  • Notes outside of the playable range (accessed by tuning in some libraries) did not get damped properly when loaded.

Song Track

  • The first metronome click after a song track count-in could be slightly out of sync.
  • Right-clicking a chord with no MIDI underneath it to add a song part could cause a crash.
  • Adding chords with the pen tool above MIDI blocks of imported MIDI would incorrectly change the MIDI.
  • Drawing notes in the Grid Editor followed by adding chords with the pen tool did not give the correct chords.
  • Adding a chord with the pen tool above a MIDI block did not visually update the notes on the block.
  • It was not possible to correct chords without changing the MIDI if the chords had been altered in the chord panel earlier.
    – Fixed some crashes that could happen when nothing was selected on the track and certain keyboard shortcuts were used (cmd/ctrl-X for example) or drags were started with certain modifiers pressed.
  • Exporting audio should now make sure that all sounds are loaded before starting and it should now properly stop the song track if it is playing.
  • Exported audio would sometimes get an incorrect length when Follow Host was on, depending on what the tempo was set to.
  • Exported audio would sometimes become too short when a higher sample rate than 44100 was used.

Edit Play Style

  • Modifying Amount on a chord could change notes under other chords in the same MIDI block.
  • Modifying Amount on a block with a huge number of events could cause crashes if the Grid Editor was visible.
  • Modifying Amount on several chords with different play style settings caused the Amount knob to be stuck at 0.
  • Changing Damping after using the Amount knob could lead to a strange-looking damping curve.

Bass Tab

  • Notes triggered by the repeater key would sometimes show the incorrect note or not be shown at all.
  • The visual hits should now stop properly when transport is stopped and when tuning/transpose is changed.

Grooves Tab

  • The velocity slider value was sometimes not applied when a groove was dragged to the song track.
  • “Replace MIDI” did not correctly apply the velocity slider value to the groove on the song track.
  • Fixed a potential crash when searching with Tap2Find and clearing filters.
  • Using tempo modifiers in the browser did not adjust the chords properly, which could lead to problems if the MIDI was dragged to the song track.

Grid Editor

  • Slides created in the grid editor could not span the entire playable range.
  • It wasn’t possible to use a grace note articulation on the first note of a slide.
  • No slide was created when the slide button was clicked if the selected notes were very short.
  • Resizing the left side of multiple notes could cause notes to get negative lengths.
  • Resizing or cutting a MIDI block in the middle of a slide would lead to artefacts and eventually crashes in the Grid Editor.
  • The velocity and pitch edit areas were not updated when Amount was used.
  • The vertical support line shown when you move notes was not visible at GUI scales below 100%.

Drums & Keys Tab

  • Converting rolling chords from piano MIDI could produce notes with low velocities at the wrong time.
  • Following the left hand in piano MIDI has been improved.

Audio Tracker

  • Dragging audio from Cubase was not working properly.
  • A few potential crashes have been fixed.


  • The right channel should no longer become silent when the output device is changed.
  • On Windows, when the EZbass window was maximized, the bottom would be cut off by the task bar or the window would move erratically.
  • Auto-saving wasn’t working in the standalone in the next session after a crash.
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