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Funk EZkeys MIDI
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Funk EZkeys MIDI

Funk music did not only become the apparent voice of the '70s but would also cement its heritage in sub-genres and decades of music to come. The trails of hard-driving bass lines, persistent hooks and ever so deadly grooves have managed to seep through every tier in the musical evolution leading up to the top of today's charts.

The legacy and creative power instilled in classic funk-inspired chord progressions and playing styles is obvious in this pack! You can start from a fundamental baseline, riff or progression and end up with a classic funk tune, a beat driven 12 bar blues or a soulful ballad. With EZkeys, the power is at your fingertips. Unleash it!

An extensive collection of chord progressions and playing styles for funk inspired music
Full song structure blocks
A dedicated section for riffs
Covering straight/swing in 4/4
Played by professional session pianist

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