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The ‘Macro Controls’ are powerful tools in Superior Drummer 3 that allow you to alter any number of bound parameters inside the software with a single knob. The ‘Macro Controls’ can also be automated in your host no matter how many parameters you have bound to them.

Example 1: In this first simple example I’ve used ‘Macro 1’ and bound it to the the ‘Amb Near’ channel. This could be used to automate the ambience up or down for a specific point in the song. For example, the sparse verse of a song could sound better when a bigger drum ambience is used, then when the loud chorus kicks in the ambience comes down in level to make room for other instruments in the mix.

To hear this example while using the Superior Drummer 3 stand-alone project, simply click the play button in the Superior Drummer 3 and then raise ‘Macro 1’. If you are a Pro Tools user, simply launch the session and press play. The ‘Macro’ in this session has been automated to turn up and down.

Example 2: The second ‘Macro’ I’ve created is designed to show the extreme range of possibilities. The goal here was to bind many parameters to ‘Macro 2’, so that with a single turn of the Macro the entire drum sound is transformed.

Opening up the ‘Macro Parameter Properties’ for ‘Macro 2’ you will see the following:

  • The ‘Release’ property box is controlled for each of the drums and the ride cymbal
  • The mix control of a ‘Tape Delay’ plugin is also bound with a custom upper limit of 50%
  • The ‘Effect Bus Volume’ is controlled with a custom upper limit
  • The ‘Snare verb’ volume is bound with custom upper and lower limits
  • Effect Bus 2 volume is bound with a custom upper limit
  • Finally, the threshold of the ‘Gate’ on the snare reverb is controlled so that it’s gated when the control is at its maximum.

This heavily effected sound may not be your cup of tea, but it certainly shows the unlimited possibilities of the Macro Controls available in Superior Drummer 3.


Mike Sanfillipp


The ultimate collection of acoustic drums, percussion and timeless machines.


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