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Nearly all controls in Superior Drummer 3 can be assigned to a CC value manually or via MIDI learn. Why is this useful? Well, it lets you control parameters inside of Superior Drummer 3 with a physical MIDI controller. Preforming live and want to add more room sound to your drums? MIDI learn the ‘Ambience’ channel fader to a knob on your controller! Want to automate a ‘Macro’ inside of Superior Drummer 3 stand-alone? MIDI learn the ‘Macro’! To do this, you can simply right-click on a control inside of Superior Drummer 3 and choose ‘MIDI Learn’ from the contextual menu. Then, move a knob or fader on your connected MIDI controller –that’s it!
Even if you don’t have a MIDI controller, you can still make use of this feature by manually assigning it to a CC number. In this case, go into the “CC Numbers’ menu and choose an available CC number. You can then automate this CC value in the Superior Drummer 3 ‘Grid Editor’.

To automate a CC value, open the ‘Grid Editor’ (double-click a groove or press the “P” key).

Then click on the ‘Velocity’ menu and select the CC value that you just assigned.

Finally, use the pointer tools to draw in CC breakpoints with your mouse.

The possibilities are truly endless, but a few ideas are included in the downloadable project file. Here the CC values have been set to the following:

1. CC 10 = ‘Amb Near’ fader.

2. CC 20 = ‘Master’ fader ‘Tape Simulator Drive’.

3. CC 30 = Master EQ Low Pass Filter Frequency.


Michael Sanfilipp


The ultimate collection of acoustic drums, percussion and timeless machines.


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