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Few producers are cited as pioneers, for having helped shape the sound of a genre or generation of bands. With landmark releases by the likes of Slipknot, Machine Head, Carcass and many others, British Colin Richardson is undoubtedly one of them. We were fortunate enough to snag him for the Made of Metal EZX a couple of years back…and now for a few quick questions!

How did you get started in the business and how come you ended up behind the console as opposed to on stage?
– I got started as a studio engineer and worked my way up to producer. I never wanted to be in a band, the studio side of things interested me more.

You didn’t start out making heavy metal records. How come you steered in this direction?
– I was engineering some punk and goth bands, then the metal  label Earache Records started using the studio I worked at. I enjoyed working on the early death metal music, so it became a logical progression.

Looking back, is s there a specific moment or project that helped push you on to the next level, working with bigger acts?
– I think it was the Machine Head album “Burn My Eyes”. It became successful, and with that success came bigger projects.

You have worked non-stop making records since the 1980s. Do you ever get tired?
– Only at 2am in the morning!

If you weren’t producing records, what would you do?
– Be very afraid!

In a mix, where do you usually start: the drums, guitars, vocals or something else?
– Usually with the drums, but keep checking them to the guitars and bass in the early stages…then get the backing track rocking…then work on the vocals.

Is there any instrument you generally struggle with more than any other in a mix?
– Bass guitar. I always have trouble sitting it – and then trying to achieve a massive guitar sound. I think I have got better with bass over time, though!

Name a few productions from your catalogue that you feel particularly proud of.
– The latest  Bullet for my Valentine album “Venom” came out really good. I like to think I have given 100 percent to all the projects I have worked on.

If you produced an album that you couldn’t mix yourself, who’d be the first name on your list for the gig?
– Chris Lord Alge or Andy Sneap!

Best studio moment ever?
– My first big royalty check!

Worst studio moment ever?
– None really, i have been really fortunate!



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