What is the difference between EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 2?

The short answer: EZdrummer 2 is designed for quick and easy song writing, while Superior Drummer 2 is designed to provide the user with endless sound shaping options and the MIDI controls / flexibility necessary for professionals.

The long answer:

In addition to 2 brand new sound libraries recorded at British Grove Studios London, EZdrummer 2 has many new features that make finding the right groove, turning it into a song and getting a great sound faster than ever. These include:

Tap to find. Tap in your own idea to find a professionally played groove in your library.

Edit play style. Talk to your drummer and tell them how to customize the groove.

The song creator. Write an entire song based on a groove of your choice in seconds.

The search filters. Find the right grove fast by selecting descriptive categories.

The song track. Drag and drop grooves directly inside the plugin to compose a song.

EZD 2 Mixer presets. Quick and easy adjustable sound presets in the mixer

Included percussion pads: one shots, shaker and tambourine, each with their own selection of grooves.

Mix and match drums from your EZX sound libraries. Swap out drums from any installed EZX to make custom kits.

All new drum sounds. Recorded at British grove studios in London. Pre mixed by legendary producer Chuck Ainlay and ready to go in your productions.




Superior Drummer 2 however gives the user the utmost control over the drum sound and advanced MIDI triggering features. These features (which are not found in EZD2) include:

Superior Drummer core library. Recorded in New York’s Avatar studio (The Power Station) by Neil Dorfsman, Pat Thrall and Nir Z. Complete with 18 microphone channels. (i.e. a channel in the mixer for every microphone that was used in the session).

SDX libraries. SDX libraries (i.e. Superior Drummer’s core library and expansions) are quite large… Superior Drummers library is 20 gigs and includes hits with Sticks, Brushes, Hot Rods, and Felt mallets. While each SDX library has different options for the tools that were used to strike the drums, they all include the maximum amount of articulations (individual hits) possible.

Sounds. The sounds in Superior Drummer are NOT pre mixed. They are RAW and designed to be as flexible as possible so that they can be mixed by the user to fit any style of music. Therefore if Mixing custom drums sounds is your cup of tea, Superior Drummer is for you.

Producer presets: Even if you don’t like Mixing drum sounds, you can use the included producer presets for Superior Drummer. These presets are fully customizable by the user and provide a completely “Mixed” or “Polished” drum sound with the click of a mouse. Additional Producer presets can be purchased separately to add to the available options.

X-drums with full microphone assignment controls. Not only can you add drums from all different libraries (including EZdrummer libraries) you can choose which microphones from these drums are present in the sound. For example, lets say that you only wanted the ambience microphone from a x-drum snare to sound when triggered… You can do that!

Envelope control. Customize the attack, sustain, hold and release. Can be customized for each articulation of an instrument.

MIDI Learn. Easily remap Superior Drummer to match the note mapping of your MIDI controller.

Voice and Layer and Memory and status. Customize the amount of resources that Superior Drummer uses to maximize performance on your computer.

Full professional Mixer. Provides FULL control over every single Microphone that was used in the recording session with 16 Stereo busses for advanced routing and 16 stereo (32 mono) outputs.

Full Bleed control on every single channel. This allows you to decide what instruments are present in every single microphone that was used to record the drums. For example, You can lower the volume of each individual cymbal in the Ambience microphones… or you could turn down (or turn off completely) the level of the high hats that bleed into the Snare microphone. Or even better yet, you could have Only the snare drum play back in the Ambience far microphone channel…. The possibilities are endless.

Fully controllable mixer effects. EQ, Filters, Gate, Compressor, Transient shaper. All fully controllable by the user and available on every single channel.

Fade Controls on every microphone Channel: Control (shorten) the decay of every sound in the specific microphone channel.

Grooves. Superior Drummer comes with its own unique groove library preformed by Nir Z.

Mapping page. Completely customize the MIDI mapping used for Superior Drummer.

MIDI Nodes: Create MIDI nodes! MIDI nodes allow you to trigger different samples at different velocities with the same MIDI note. Or you can trigger multiple samples at all velocities with the same MIDI note. This allows you to Stack Drums (e.g. have multiple snare drums triggered at the same time).

Full E-drum Support. Superior Drummer has the same presets for E-drums that EZdrummer 2 does, but it allows you to customize them in any way that you see fit.

Velocity Control. Create a custom velocity curve for any articulation on any drum so that it is triggered perfectly by you and your MIDI controller.

Bounce page: Allows you to turn your MIDI drum sequence into individual audio files. You can bounce as a single stereo file, individual files for each channel, split the direct sound from the bleed on separate channels, even split the cymbals in the overhead channel to separate audio files.

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