Installing EZDrummer 2 (PC)

With the Release of the Toontrack Product Manager we now recommend that you use the product manager application to download and install EZDrummer on your computer.   The Product Manager can be found at this link: www.toontrack.com/product-manager/

Please also see this video:


To download and install WITHOUT using the Product Manager please see this video.

There are also step by step instructions below.

Please first register your serial number for EZdrummer 2 to your Toontrack.com account.  Upon registering the download will automatically begin.  If you need access the download again in the future please follow these steps.

1.  Please download EZDrummer 2 from your Toontrack.com account.  This can be done by logging in and clicking MY Account > My Products > EZdrummer 2. > “Download version ……..”

download full version


Also download any updates that are available in the updates tab.


2.  Please choose to save the file, and select a location for the saving of the downloaded EZdrummer 2 zip file.  (The downloads folder on your computer should be the default location).

3.  Once the download is complete go to where you saved the EZDrummer 2 downloaded zip file and Right click the file and select “Extract All.”  Doing this will unzip the EZdrummer 2 zip file and allow you to install without error.

Failure to extract properly will result in an installation error. 

Extract all

It May be helpful to choose a different location to place the extracted files so that they do not get confused with the zipped file.  To do this click the browse button and then choose a new location. In this example we have chosen the desktop.

extract location

4.  Open the now extracted files and double click on the appropriate installer for your computer and host sequencer (i.e. either 32 or 64 bit).  IF you are in doubt please run them both.

32 and 64 bit installers

5.  Go through the pages of the installer carefully and slowly making sure to change any necessary options.  In these pages you will be able to change the location of the sound library installation as well as the VST plugin location.  If you are in doubt please leave all settings in their default state.

5 sound path

6.  Once the installation is finished you will find an EZDrummer 2 application in your list of programs.   You will also be able to launch EZDrummer 2 as a plugin in your host sequencer.


**** Please note: In order to launch EZdrummer 2 as a plugin in your host sequencer you will need to either:

(1) Customize the EZdrummer 2 installation so that the VST plugin is installed directly to your hosts VST plugin folder, or

(2) use the Plugin manager in your host sequencer to set the path to the EZdrummer 2 plug-in DLL file in its installed location.  You can find the location of the EZdrummer 2 plugin at any time by launching the EZdrummer 2 stand alone application and clicking “Help” > “Show Plugin Path.”

Please do NOT manually move (or copy and paste) the DLL file.  This WILL cause problems with future updates. 

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