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Installing EZdrummer 2 (Mac)

With the release of the Toontrack Product Manager we now recommend that you use the Product Manager application to download and install EZdrummer on your computer.   Please also see this video about the Product Manager. The Product Manager can be found at this link: www.toontrack.com/product-manager/

To download and install without using the Product Manager, please see this video.

There are also step by step instructions below.

Please first register your serial number for EZdrummer 2 to your toontrack.com account.  Upon registering the download will automatically begin.  If you need to access the download again in the future, please follow these steps.

1.  Please download EZdrummer 2 from your toontrack.com account.  This can be done by logging in and clicking My Account > My Products > EZdrummer 2. > “Download version ……..”

Download the full version and any updates that are available in the updates tab:

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 4.31.02 PM

2.  Once the download is complete, please go to the downloads folder on your Mac and double-click the EZdrummer DMG file.  A disk image will then mount to your desktop.


3.  Double click the disk image and then double-click on the installer icon.

click installer

4.  Carefully and slowly go through the installer pages. For most users it is recommended that they leave all settings in the installer in their default state.  However, some users may wish to change the location for the Core sound library installation.  Changing the Core library location is done by clicking the location option on the installation type page of the installer. If no options are available here, it means that you already have a version of EZdrummer installed.

custom location

5. Once the desired options have been set, click continue and then click install. The installation process will take several minutes to complete. Please be patient.

6. Once the full version is installed, please install the updates that you downloaded in step 1.

Once EZdrummer 2 is fully installed, you will find the EZdrummer 2 standalone application in the Applications > Toontrack folder.

click install

You will also be able to launch EZdrummer as a VST, RTAS, AU or AAX plugin in your preferred host sequencer or in the standalone application.  The standalone application is located in Applications > Toontrack.

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