I’m getting error 1311 when installing on PC

Using the Toontrack product manager to download and install your Toontrack products will properly extract the downloads and will avoid both of these errors.  Please see this video that explains how to use the Toontrack product manager to download, install, authorize and update your Toontrack software.  The Product Manager application can be downloaded from this link: www.toontrack.com/product-manager/

Please see this video if you are not able to use the product manager as it shows how to manually resolve an error 1311, and 1309.

If you receive an error 1311 when installing on PC, it is likely to be related to two things;

1. You have not extracted the zip file before running the installer located inside it. This is done by right clicking the zip file and choose Extract All. Then open the extracted folder and run the installer.
2. The file path to the file is too long. Move the downloaded full installer zip file higher in your folder hierarchy, preferably directly under C:/ or to your Desktop. Extract it from there.


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