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I have a ‘*’ in front of some instrument, what does this mean?


Not every instrument featured in the Superior libraries have been sampled with every tool included with your product and will therefore appear as unavailable. This is noted in the Superior plug-in interface by the presence of an asterisk ‘*’ to the left of the instrument description. This is normal.

For example, the Rides featured in the Avatar library shipping with Superior Drummer 2.0, have not been sampled with Felt mallets and will be marked as above, as well as indicated with a red warning sign on top of the instrument graphics.

Users are advised to consult the Documentation provided with their product, typically available from the ‘?’ Help menu for a detailed account of samples availability, before they contact the support team.

If all or a large number of the instrument selections are unavailable, and you have confirmed they should be available in your product as per above recommendation, please verify that the path was set correctly. Access the settings page and ensure that you have a green ‘check mark’ next to the relevant path.

If this is the case then you may have opted for a partial install, such as ‘sticks only’, originally. Or perhaps your main install is offline and only the ‘backup path’ is able to serve the current session.

Verify that all intended hard drives are powered on and that your install is complete by rerunning the installers from DVD if necessary (the installers provided by Toontrack are ‘clever’ enough to make this task as efficient as possible and will take the time strictly required to complement your installation as appropriate so don’t worry about a lengthy re-install process!).

We recommend that you re-run (or run if you have never done it) the latest ‘soundsupdate’ available from the Downloads section of your Toontrack account afterward to ensure you are fully up-to-date with the library.

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