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I can’t drag and drop grooves into my project, help!


Superior Drummer 2.0 enables you to drag and drop grooves directly to your sequencer’s timeline. This feature depends however on the host application’s capability to import objects, such as MIDI files, from a source program by simply dragging them to the destination track.

Supported host applications as shortlisted on the Superior Drummer 2.0 product page all allow for this level of integration, although the exact details may vary from one host application to the other.

Problems with drag and drop of the MIDI from your Toontrack product Grooves browser to a track are typically permission related, on Windows workstations secured by default UAC rules.

The best solution is to launch your host application as an administrator, instead of double clicking the application icon from the desktop or start menu. Right click it and choose “Run as administrator”, in this instance, as shown below:


Note that you will be required to launch your host application in this manner on every session.

Disclaimer: permanent solutions such as turning off UAC altogether will leave your computer unprotected and we therefore cannot recommend you do so. For solutions that do not require the above workaround we recommend that you contact the maker of your host application for advise.

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