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How do I trigger the EZDrummer 2 percussion.

EZdrummer2 features 3 extra percussion pads that are present independently of the EZX chosen. They are assigned only three MIDI notes, that sit in the outskirts of the keyboard, in order to interfere as little as possible with our existing MIDI mapping for drums.The One Shot works just like any other drum and MIDI for it can be played and programmed easily.

The Shaker and the Tambourine pads, on the other hand, are special and cannot really be played with a keyboard at all. This is because there is a velocity split so that all Articulations can be used.  Also, Toontrack uses ‘futurehit’ technology to start sounds that will build up and accurately peak at some ‘future’ time.
The ‘futurehit’ allows accurate playback of instruments that have a lot of important sound ‘before the hit’, in a way that scales with tempo.

The normal behavior when receiving a MIDI Note On is to start a sound but for the ‘futurehit’ that is not so. Instead the sound is started at the NoteOff in such a way that it will peak later at a time that equals the length of the note.

This may seem complicated, but it provides the best possible result and makes it sound like an actual percussionist is playing the instrument. To avoid users having to program MIDI themselves Toontrack has included nearly all of the Variations that you could possibly need in the EZdrummer 2 Percussion grooves.

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