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How do I set the path to my Toontrack plug-in in Sonar (on Windows)?

When installing Toontrack plug-ins you will need to make sure that your host application knows where to find them. As per installation instructions included with your product, we recommend that you specify the most appropriate location for your host at install time, using the custom screen that can be found in the installer.

Alternatively, you may use the default install path, as suggested by the installer, and use your host application plug-ins management functionality to set a VST path after the installation has been successfully completed.

Depending on your operating system and bitness of the plug-in, the default Toontrack install path/location will vary:

  • The default install path for a Toontrack VST plug-in on 32-bit Windows is:
    C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\Toontrack
  • The default install path of the 32-bit VST plug-in on 64-bit Windows is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins\Toontrack
  • Finally, the default install path of the 64-bit plug-in on 64-bit Windows is:
    C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\Toontrack

Please note that if you choose a custom path for installation the above paths will of course not apply. They may also differ in some instances, should the installer be able to probe your system for a pre-existing VST repository. The best course of action is to write down the path on a bit of paper or notepad, to serve as reference when proceeding with the steps described below.

Tip: If you didn’t make a note of the VST install path during the installation, there is a way to find out where the plug-in was installed, in case the product comes with a standalone application: Launch the standalone, open its Help menu and choose Show Plug-In Path. The path displayed (minus the last part, the dll name) is the path that your host application (Sonar) will need to know about.

As stated earlier, once the plug-in has been installed, it will be necessary to ensure your host recognizes the installation path, should it not appear listed among your VST plug-ins already. To set the path to the plug-in file, open your host plug-in manager and enter the appropriate plug-in path in the VST scan utility.

This operation is performed slightly differently in various versions of Sonar, so please treat the below as illustrative of the steps required as opposed to an exact recipe. For example, in Sonar 8, open the plug-in manager and click Options.

Then click Add, and navigate to the location of the plug-in file on your hard drive (the path used by the installer).

Finally, in the main page of the plugin manager, click Scan VST Plug-ins and your Toontrack plug-ins should appear in the ‘found’ plug-ins list.

You should now be able to launch your Toontrack plug-in in Sonar.

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