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How do I open Superior in Logic?


The text and pictures in this FAQ explains how to open EZdrummer in Logic 9, but it works the exact same way with Superior Drummer 2, Beatstation or any other virtual sampler from Toontrack.

openlogic1First open a new session and create a Software Instrument track. Please go to the channel strip on your bottom left, where among others your I/O, Inserts and Sends show. The track will probably open with a one of Logic’s own instruments. (EVP88 in the sample picture below).

Click and hold beneath the I/O button (on EVP88 in this case) to bring up a number of submenus.

Now please click to AU Instruments – Toontrack – EZdrummer – Stereo. EZdrummer will now be inserted in your Logic session. If you are to drag any  MIDI files from the MIDI browser inside EZdrummer (or from Finder) please note that you need to drag it to the same track as EZdrummer is inserted on.

If your Toontrack instrument does not show as in the picture above, please click here for a solution.

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