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How do I move the sounds for EZdrummer 2

With EZdrummer 2, moving the sounds for EZdrummer 2 and all of your installed EZXs is, well… easy.

(Please note: these instructions ONLY apply to EZdrummer 2, they do not apply to EZdrummer version 1.)


Simply locate the EZdrummer folder and then drag and drop it to a new location of your choice. (On a Mac dragging and dropping to an external drive creates a copy of the folder on the external drive and leaves the original where it is. In this case you would also need to delete the original.)




The contents of the EZdrummer folder should not be modified in any way.  When moving the EZdrummer folder make sure to move the entire folder (i.e. do not move the contents of the folder). Altering the contents of the EZdrummer folder can cause EZdrummer 2 to stop working properly.

The EZdrummer folder contains all Sound library content for EZdrummer 1 and 2, as well as all EZX sound content and all drum MIDI files for both EZdrummer 1, 2, and Superior Drummer.


The EZdrummer folder is located by default in:

(Mac)  MacHD/Library/Application Support/EZDrummer

(PC 32 and 64bit)  C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Toontrack\EZDrummer

If you have upgraded from EZdrummer 1 they will be in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Toontrack\EZDrummer


When you then launch EZdrummer after the EZdrummer folder has been moved, EZdrummer will let you know that it can not find the Sound files.  Simply click the Browse button and then navigate to where you moved the EZdrummer folder.



If you are an existing owner of EZdrummer version 1 and have decided to upgrade to version 2, please do not attempt to move the sounds for EZdrummer until after EZdrummer version 2 has been installed.

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