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Can I use EZDrummer 2 with E-drums?

Yes, EZdrummer 2 contains presets for common Edrum brands.  These include a Roland, Yamaha, Alesis, and “Other” preset.  These presets are a quick and easy way to set up  your e-drums.  The presets however are not able to be customized or edited in any way.

If you require a more in-depth and comprehensive e-drum experience we recommend Superior Drummer 2.  Superior Drummer 2 allows you to create custom mapping for your e-drums (or any MIDI controller), create custom response curves (so that the e-drum kit responds perfectly to your playing style), create MIDI nodes,  and alter the input and output velocity for any articulation.

Superior Drummer 2 also includes the same presets that EZdurmmer 2 does, however they CAN be customized in Superior Drummer 2.

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