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C&V Presets - Miles McPherson
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Custom & Vintage Presets - Miles McPherson

With this latest installment in the S2 Producer Presets family and the first for the Custom & Vintage SDX, Miles has turned this gem of a library upside down and inside out and ended up with a collection of presets that are both diverse and unique.
"I want to be able to capture the sounds I can to get in my studio and recall these on my laptop wherever in the world I may be, so I created these presets with that in mind and tried to make them as individually different as I could", Miles says.

These presets will work perfectly for anything from rock, grunge and mellow pop to punk and hard rock. Get the Custom & Vintage Presets - Miles McPherson pack and find out what Miles mixed, tweaked and gained!

About Miles McPherson
Miles McPherson realized at an early age that in order to have a longstanding career in the music business, one must be multi-talented. Over the last fifteen years, Miles has steadily made a name for himself as a musician, songwriter, producer and engineer - working both on stage and in the studio. He currently plays drums with Kelly Clarkson and has a history of playing both live and in the studio with known acts such as Bo Bice, Dolly Parton, Bruce Kulick, just to name a few.

When not on the road, Miles is busy at his own Nashville studio producing and developing artists.


Produced by allenmorganaudio in cooperation with Toontrack.

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