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N.Y. Vol.3 Presets - Pat Thrall
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N.Y. Vol.3 Presets - Pat Thrall

Put Superior Drummer's built-in tools paired with unfiltered sounds from a world-class studio in the hands of an equally world-class engineer and the result speaks for itself! Pat Thrall, the engineer behind EZdrummer, Superior Drummer and the New York Legacy Series, presents five fine examples of how unique, versatile and extraordinary the New York Studios Vol. 3 library can be tweaked.

Leaving his involvement on several Toontrack products aside, the chances you have seen Pat Thrall's name flash by in the credits on a major album or witnessed him on stage at a stadium concert back in the day are pretty big. Pat started out as a guitarist in the Bay Area scene in the early 70s and has since graced stages and performed on albums with acts like Meatloaf, Tina Turner, Asia and Glenn Hughes. Along the way, he worked himself into becoming an integral part of the recording and producing scene, today enjoying massive success as an engineer in the hi-end major label field. Over the years, Pat has worked on anything from Jay Z and Kanye West to Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé and Black Crowes.

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