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S2.0 Presets - Koloss
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S2.0 Presets - Koloss

This preset for Superior Drummer was modeled after the drum sound on Meshuggah’s “Koloss” album and features samples from the actual recording session. Engineered by the man behind the sound on the "Koloss" album as well as several other Meshuggah records: Daniel Bergstrand!

This preset will call up a unique pool of samples that was customized especially for this product and extracted from the "Koloss" studio session. It will blend these samples with the core sounds in Superior Drummer, make use of the high quality built in FX and produce a mix-ready drum production modeled after the warm and genuine "Koloss" sound.

This paired with EZmix 2 and the Metal Guitar Gods EZmix Pack equals an instant Meshuggah sound!

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