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C&V Presets - Chris Pitman
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Custom & Vintage Presets - Chris Pitman

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, songwriter, sound designer, programmer and conceptual artist Chris Pitman (Guns N' Roses, Lusk, Replicants, Tool) is no stranger to experimenting and taking his work and sounds to completely new levels in the studio. When we put the Custom & Vintage SDX in his hands and asked him to craft a collection of rock oriented presets, we knew we would get back something pretty unique. We did; Chris presented a preset pack that works in any rock mix but still has a very distinctive quality to it.

About Chris
Chris Pitman is best-known for his involvement with hard rock band Guns N' Roses, in which he has been a permanent member since 1998, but also for his work with Les Levine, Dr. Dre, Tool, Blinker the Star as well as his own band SexTapes.

A multi-instrumentalist, Pitman plays keyboards, guitar and drums as well as singing lead and backing vocals. In addition to his many musical endeavors, he is also an artist and a co-founder of Los Angeles based Priory of the North, which focuses mainly on conceptual/public art, working with oil painting, lithography, oils and metals.

Produced by allenmorganaudio in cooperation with Toontrack.

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